ST Kitts Phone Book

ST Kitts Phone Book

Saint Christopher Island is Saint Kitts’ official name. It can also be called an Island off of the West Indies. You will find the Caribbean Sea on the island’s western side. Its east side is the Atlantic Ocean.

In the 1620s, Saint Kitts was established by the British as the first Caribbean colony. Saint Kitts and Nevis joined British West Indies before September 1983 independence.


The Lesser Antilles contains the Leeward Islands. It is approximately 2.100 mi southwest of Miami. Saint Kitts boasts a population estimated at 40,000. A majority of the residents are African American. English is the primary language. 98% literacy rate. Kittitians are their nickname.

Brimstone Hills Fortress National Park was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fortress holds the record for the largest in Western Caribbean. Saint Kitts’ Warner Park Cricket Stadium hosted 2007 Cricket World Cup. Saint Kitts is the host of the World Cup’s smallst country. Saint Kitts has many higher education institutions, including the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and Windsor University School of Medicine and University of Medicine and Health Sciences, try this Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.


Basseterre is Saint Kitts’ capital, and its largest port. It has a modern facility capable of handling large cruise ships. The island also has smaller roads.

Saint Kitts can found 10km (6miles) north Sint Eustatius. 3 km (1 mi.) south Nevis. There are three groups of volcanic peaks on St. Kitts. The North West, also known as Mount Misery Range, is the most prominent, followed by the Middle, or Verchilds Range. The South East or Olivees Range is the third. Mount Liamuiga, formerly Mount Misery is the highest peak. It measures 1,156m in height.


Mt. Mount. On the north side are mudflows, and the Mansion Series Pyroclastic deposits layers (andesite/basalt). It has a crater with a diameter of 900mx244mx244m. It is also 294m deep. These parasitic domes are made mainly of andesite. These are Sandy Point Hill or Brimstone Hill. Farm Flat is also available in the vicinity 204 area code and 231 area code.

Brimstone hill’s limestone-covered flanks are a highlight. This limestone was lifted into Heaven 44,400 years before the dome was made. Mt. Liamuiga partially covers Southeast’s Middle Range. A second stratovolcano lies at 976m. The summit crater also has a lake. Four peaks make up the 1 Myrold South East Range at 900m. Canada Hills can be found on Canada Hills’ south-side.

Conaree Hills Canada Hills Canada Hills Canada Hills Canada Hills Canada Hills. Salt Dome Peninsula has at least nine Pelean Domes reaching up to 319m, including Williams Hill. It is also one of the oldest volcanic deposits at 2:2-2.77 myr.


During a glacial period, sea level reached 300ft (91m). The same Island was home to Sint Eustatius. Saba and St. Kitts.

St. Kitts was founded by Florida’s pre-agricultural, clay Archaic settlers. After a few hundred centuries, they vanished and were replaced quickly by Saladoids. Saladoids were ceramic-using farmers who traveled north along the Orinoco River towards St. Kitts.

The arrival of the Kalinago, or Carib, on the island in 1300AD was a significant moment. These agriculturalists quickly dispersed Igneri and drove them northwards toward Greater Antilles.


Christopher Columbus led an exploration to Spain that reached Spain and claimed the island in 2014.

The English established their first colony in 1623. The French founded a colony of their own in 1625. Kalinago’s Kalinago people were briefly killed by the English, French and Spanish. France created a colony on the island of Kalinago in 1625. France founded its colony on 1625. St. Kitts was seized by the Spanish force that arrived in 1629 to expel foreign settlements. England rebuilt its settlement following the 1630 War between Spain and England.

The island was under French and English control until the 17th Century. One power eventually seized control over the entire island. Saint Kitts, an affiliate of Great Britain, is one example. In 1783, the Kingdom of Great Britain was created. Later, it became the United Kingdom. 

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