Telephone Directory Kuala Lumpur

Telephone Directory Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, or MCMC, regulates Malaysian phone numbers. The landline telephone number is made up of an area number of 1 or 2 characters (excluding leading zero), followed a 6-8 digit subscriber, and 7 to 8 Digit subscribers numbers. Mobile number portability is the ability to link a mobile phone number with another operator using this website’s help Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

Up to 2017, international calling from Singapore was not possible. Instead, international calls to Singapore could only be made with the 02 domestic number. However, MCMC issued a directive in May 2017 and it was stopped by Telekom Malaysia on 16/05/2017. It was also ended completely by the Malaysian telecommunications provider on 1/7/2017. However, calls from Brunei and Peninsular Malaysia will require a prefix international of 00673.

Telephone Directory

A telephone listing, also known by the following names: telephone list, white pages, yellow page, telephone book, telephone address, phone book, telephone book, telephone book, whitepages or telephone book. To help subscribers locate their telephone number by address or name The advent of the Internet and smartphones in the 21st Century greatly reduced the need for a paper telephone book. Subscribers will be listed alphabetically by their postal address, street address, and phone number. Subscribers have the option to request removal from the directory. They will be listed alphabetically with their postal address or street address for the USA and Canada (British English), and “ex-directory” with Australia and New Zealand. You might also find instructions in a telephone directory. These may include instructions on how to use the telephone service 205 area code and 234 area code. Cell phone and voice over IP listing are not allowed to be included in US telephone directories.

Area codes for landlines

The area codes used for landlines can be found with the exceptions of the STD Prefix 0. One digit (area code 3-7 and 9 in Peninsular Malaysia) or two digits (8x8x in East Malaysia). A Peninsular Malaysian area code is usually shared by several territories or states. The codes are roughly mapped to state borders. There are two East Malaysian states, Sarawak (Sabah), as well as Sarawak. Peninsular Malaysia’s landline subscribers are seven digits (except Selangor Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya), while those in East Malaysia have six digits and three respectively. You can also read this blog ST Kitts phone book and click it.

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