Turkey Phone Number Fake

Turkey Phone Number Fake

Since 1989, Turkey’s telephone numbers changed from six (2+4) to seven (3+4) numbers. Ankara’s population was reduced to 41 (from 4) and there were 5k+ area codes. These codes were available in many lengths, ranging from one to five characters. Local numbers were seven- to four digits long. Ankara was 41 at the time.


Three-digit area numbers will be used in provinces, while seven-digit numbers will be used for phones. Istanbul is an exception. If you are outside Turkey, the three-digit numbers that are used to call a phone number for a company are the same as the ones for companies using this website Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial.

Just like [9]+[0]+ [cell company ID number] +[sevendigit]. These are the numbers you can use to call major mobile phone operators: Turkcell (539-561), Vodafone (554-449), Turk Telekom 655-549, Turk Telekom (655-549), Turk Telekom 655-549), Turk Telekom 655-549, Turk Telekom (655-549), Turk Telekom 655-549, Turk Telekom (655-549), Turk Telekom/655-549) and Turk Telekom (609-509 555-559

The numbering system was implemented on 30 August 1993.

An old area code will only be used if it is for an area with the highest population. All previous area codes will be replaced with new numbers.

Turkish identification number (Turkish Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Turkiyeti Numarasi), abbreviated as T.C. Kimlik Number. (215 area code and 251 area code)

Turkey issues a foreigner identification number to any foreigner who has been in Turkey for less than six months. It is different from the Turkish ID number.


These numbers can identify and solve problems that might arise from the same name. This number can also be used for taxation. Security, voting, education. social security. Military recruitment. Banks that are efficient, rational, reliable and trustworthy 


The Act No. The Act No. The Act No. 1587 applied to all citizens who were born after 1840. It was issued by the registered offices in 923 locations across the country.

All documents and certificates issued by public institutions incorporate the individual identity number. These include passports. International familybooks. Driving licenses. Citizens are given form and manifestos. The Identity Card Serial No. The Identity Card Serial No.

MERNIS Project

The Turkish Identification Number was created. This number is used for the Central Registration Administration System project. Turkish: Merkezi Nufus Idaresi Systemi (Turkish)

The project cost US$35million. Databanks were created to store personal data for over 70 million Turkish citizens and 5 million Turks living overseas. The databank also contained information about the deaths of 24 million people. The databank also contained 23 million records about naturalized and divorcées people. After it is issued, naturalized people will be able to access it.

MERNIS Online is now available from the end November 2002. Because private data remains confidential, the public can’t access the service. After selling DVDs of the database’s 2010 version, staff made MERNIS copies leaked public. These copies were made available to the public via peer-to-peer file sharing.

Identification number

MERNIS assigns citizens an ID number based on their registration records. The identification number does not contain personal data. After it is issued, the identification number cannot be changed.

  • Get the ID number
  • Log in to the Ministry of Interior portal and request your ID number online.
  • General information
  • Turkey’s country-calling code is 90.
  • Language digit: 0
  • Language digit: 2 (Operator Assistance)
  • National (significant number): 10 Digits
  • Area code: 3 digits
  • 7 Digits local subscriber’s numbers

The only exception is 444. These call center numbers cannot be dialed via an area code. They can dial 7 numbers from any country’s cell phone or landline. The number format is 44XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. To call Call Center numbers in other countries, dial the number using Country Code + Call Number like 90 444.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. If you dial the Call Center number from an area code, an IVR will notify you. You can try this website reading true local Melbourne and click it.

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