Vonage Customer Care Number Canada

Vonage Customer Care Number Canada

Vonage (//vanIdZ/), an American cloud communications provider, is a subsidiary of Ericsson. It is a subsidiary to Ericsson. Min-X was started in 1998 to offer residential telecommunications services using voice over Internet Protocol. ). Vonage was renamed on 2001. 

Vonage reported $1.25Billion in consolidated revenues for 2020. This was a former provider of services that primarily focused on consumers. Vonage has expanded into the business to-business market by acquiring a number companies that were acquired in 2013. Vonage retains its home VOIP service. Ericsson purchased Vonage in July 2022, for $6.2 Billion.


Min-X.com (founded by Jeff Pulver) was established in 1998 as a Voice over IP and VOIP exchange. The company was restructured to make it a provider VOIP.

Vonage was the pioneer to offer subscription services within the United States. Vonage began offering subscription services Prepaid Mall and Call Nation to the United States starting in 2004.

Initial public offering

Holmdel (New Jersey): The Vonage Building

Michael Snyder, former president at ADT Security Services, was appointed interim CEO in 2006. He succeeds Citron (founder of Vonage). Citron was named interim CEO after receiving $215 Million in financing.

Prior to the initial public sale Vonage was offering stock share options to existing customers. Vonage’s initial public offering occurred on May 24, 2006 at the New York Stock Exchange. It opened at $17 each share. Closed prices were $14.85. It closed at 14.85

The IPO’s underwriters were Citigroup, UBS, and Deutsche Bank. Each of them received $845,000 in fines and was ordered to compensate customers for failing to oversee investor communications.


Presentation at the 2018 conference Nexmo. Vonage API Platform bought it. Vonage bought several companies to help it shift its focus from a mobile phone provider to a global provider of cloud communications services.

Vocalocity sells cloud-based communication (SaaS), for $130million. Telesphere, a provider of unified communication as a service to large corporations, costs $114 million . iCore Networks is a UCSaaS supplier to large corporations. The company also purchased it for $92,000,000

SimpleSignal –

Another UCSaaS provider for small and medium-sized enterprises starting at $25,000,000 Unify, a cloud-based communication service provider for businesses, is also available (229 area code and 269 area code).

Nexmo –

The 2nd largest CPaaS provider at $250 Million TokBox was purchased for $35 Million. It’s a WebRTC-programmable and video provider. NewVoiceMedia, a Contact Center as a Service Provider(CCaaS), can be purchased for $350,000,000 Voice & Conversational AI for Enterprise Communications

Ericsson Acquisition

Ericsson had announced the Vonage acquisition by Ericsson in an entirely cash transaction, 22 Nov 2021. Ericsson will buy all Vonage shares, at a cash value of US$21/unit. This amount is 28% greater than the SEK 85 billion and SEK 56 Trillion gross amounts respectively as of September 30, 2021.

Ericsson has become a Vonage company subsidiary. Ericsson accounts will not be affected by this new entity. Rory Read (Vonage CEO) will join Ericsson’s Executive Team reporting directly at Borje Ekholm. You will also read for this website voip call center setup and click it.

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